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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Christmas Embellies, Sorry A Little Late!!

Would like to share the Christmas/Holiday embellishments I created, a bit :) late sharing it but here we go! These were sets I created for the 2009 holiday season. The materials used were felt and 100% Cotton Fabric, the Fabric is Fused. I used them for cards, craftshows etc. Feel free to stop by my Etsy and see if any are left if you want or, if you are a crafter and would like to make your own here are some ideas/tips:
* Only use fabric/felt with the Sizzix Originals (this does include the old green and yellow thicker dies) or Bigz, I have yet to have good luck with sizzlits and fabrics/felts so I don't use those for this type of embellishment. Anyone have tips on that, feel free to post same!
* When cutting your diecuts out of fabric, it really is best if you fuse the fabric prior to running it through the machine. You can use a dry-iron on craft fuse which is available in the fabric section of your local craft store.
* For felt and fabric, I always cut w/a matching cardstock sandwich (cardstock, material, cardstock) it provides a smooth even cut, presses the felt, and you have backing should you need to layer the diecuts.
* Cut two colors, like the blue and white or three as you see in the red/green/white combo. I try and follow the nice lines the diecuts themselves come with when cutting each color apart - do not cut your cardstock - that is your base and sealer.
* Once you have your materials cut up as desired, begin to layer them and arrange them in a color theme you like. Be sure to follow the original cuts of the die, once you have them in nice order, begin applying to the cardstock using a clear craft glue, I use Mono Adhesive and it works well. I apply the glue directy to the cardstock, being sure to have it going right to the edge otherwise you will have loose, untidy edges. Be sure to smooth over once all parts are adhered, even sandwich it somewhere for a while, helps prevent bending while drying.
* You can embellish with rhinestones, ribbon, brads, floss as I have done above, you can even stitch them if you sew.
These sets were so much fun to make, if you feel I left anything out - feel free to leave a question and I will be glad to respond!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sample of the Sets

An example of the fabric and felt flowers I am offering and currently have available. They will come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors! One of my favorite things in scrapbooking is making flowers, just the girl in me I suppose!
For those of you who own the Sizzix, and the flower dies, it is very easy to make these - if you have not done so already, here are a few tips/info:
The ones pictured here are a combination of 2 Sizzix Dies, the Hello Kitty Daises and Flower Wedding #2.
Material is a combination of fused fabric and felt. If you are going to be making these yourself, and the felt seems thin I recommend fusing your felt as well for a smoother more reliable cut. If you have no craft fuse available, making the same cut w/cardstock and backing the felt cut works well in a pinch - be sure to cover all the die cuts evenly w/your adhesive to cardstock though, felt can get bumpy. Only use the cardstock backing on felt - do not use on fabric, the purpose of fusing the fabric before putting it through the die cutter is so that you get a smoother cut and the fabric does not run or piece apart.
Another tip is cutting the cardstock w/felt or fabric in the middle of cardstock sandwich. For me this seems to allow a smoother cut with the felt or fabric, I often use the cardstock as a sandwich when cutting felt or fabric, makes a very smooth cut and you of course get the extra die cuts and that is never a bad thing! I used my crop-a-dile big bite to cut the center holes for brads.

Things are finally getting organized!

I finally feel as though I am close to having a full setup! I have been working to create items, themes, embellishments and cuts for both my online ventures and classes/crops. I will be posting them as soon as I am finished. I hope there is a variety enough for everyone to use and enjoy.

Soon in the making will be the start up of a small design team, nothing too fancy or strict. I hope to have just a few scrapbook artists that would be willing to create layouts w/the items sent, only requirements is to post them back here, of course giving us the good details on the ideas/techniques used as well as any wants, or views of that which was sent will be welcomed as well! Once I am ready for that, I will be posting a call for same!

Okay, back to the Scrappin'

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Organized Scrappers Nightmare!

Those who know me know I have 3 fur babies at home, two cats and a goofy cute little Bunny. Those who know me also know how organized my Scrapbooking items are. I have OCD, and it bleeds over into my Scrapbooking hobby, but with good purpose.

Well Mr. Tabs decided that my organized top shelf for clients needed to come crashing down into an un-organized pile of hell!!! It was horrible, just horrible to watch it unfold, and nothing I could do as within seconds there was just a flurry of embellishment boxes flying from the sky, with a cat in the middle of the flying mix, crashing into my desk, sending my personal stash crashing to the floor, all boxes breaking open and mixing them with ALL my designated client materials........ and crashing two of my desk lights as well.

OMG!!!!!!! I still don't want to go and face the mess......

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally Started My Etsy

So happy to have finally loaded a few items to my Etsy Store. I had been a member for a few months but wanted to make sure that what I listed was of Etsy quality. It was a very long process to get a nice inventory of embellishment sets I thought might do well on that site. So far I have about 11 listings and will be adding more each day. I hope it takes off well for me, could definitely use an up turn of luck!